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What makes Saladmaster different from any other waterless cookware?

Saladmaster is unique in that it uses a 316Ti combination of metal made with American and Swiss steel and uses American Quality Standards to manufacture its products.  There are some businesses trying to imitate Saladmaster using steels from continents which lack quality standards and refuse to guarantee the grade and quality equals that of US & Swiss Steel 316. Saladmaster has an exclusive contract with US & Swiss Steel for 316 grade for cookware.  Be careful of companies acknowledging there are different qualities and that they “use the best quality available.”  This is misleadingly true.  It is the best available to THEM; but it’s NOT THE BEST. People who invest in Saladmaster KNOW they have the BEST, rather than SUPPOSE they have the best. 


Regalware has stated that Saladmaster is the ONLY DIRECT SELLER who owns its own manufacturing plant and that no one else can say that.  These other businesses are not manufacturers and only purchase products from overseas manufacturers.  Saladmaster owns its manufacturing plant so it has a vested interest in providing its customers with the absolute best product.  When other companies change manufacturers, it has an immediate and direct effect on previous product lines thereby impacting warranties. 


Also, other waterless cookware has been shown to cook well above 200 degrees where nutrients are destroyed.  In fact, many go off at a steam point (232) when they whistle.  Saladmaster uses a calibrated vapo-valve that is scientifically weighted to click steadily at approx. 187 degrees, warning the cook that it’s well below the 200 degrees so that nutrients are not destroyed. 


One other valuable feature is our patent of the versa-loc handles, which allow you to remove handles at the push of a button.  This saves enormous amounts of space in storage cabinets, dishwasher, sink, on stove, and usability as a server, safe storage unit for leftovers in the fridge, and oven safe up to 450 degrees! 


We have a LIFETIME warranty, our cookware is manufactured in America, and we are over 66 years old.  We are esteemed by Regalware as the Flagship company of cookware; we are the ONLY cookware used by The Cancer Project cooking schools, we provide constant customer service, updates, and free cooking schools to our customers.


A third-part independent lab study comprised of chemists and microbiologists ranked foods cooked in Saladmaster No. 1 in all categories tested compared to the same food cooked in other cookware materials!


As of  2012, Saladmaster is the official cookware of choice by the Taste of Home chefs, which is the biggest food network in the country!


Why does grocery spending drop when using Saladmaster?

When you’re hungry, your body is searching for nutrients, not calories.  Since traditional cooking destroys up to 80% of the vitamins and minerals in food, and Saladmaster retains an average 93% of those same nutrients, the body gets and remains full with less food than other cooking methods.  This causes the food you buy/cook to stretch further, which results in a 30% average drop in grocery spending.  People either save because they have more leftovers to take them through more meals, or they cut back on the amounts cooked so they don’t have so much left over!


Why did I feel full with the little food you made, and noticed more leftovers than I expected?

As explained above, the nutrients satisfy and stop the hunger, so considerably less food is consumed to achieve the same satisfied feeling you get when eating larger portions of food cooked the traditional way!


If Saladmaster is so important, why is it not sold in stores?

Because it is the highest quality cookware, and priced accordingly, people aren’t able to have the understanding of its use, merit, uniqueness, and huge investment return as we achieve on a dinner show presentation.


Why doesn’t Saladmaster sell on line?

It is illegal for Saladmaster reps to sell on the internet, because it’s too easy to defraud people that way.  Unfortunately, this has occurred far too often.  Saladmaster polices the internet to be sure no Saladmaster reps are doing so, as it will lead to their immediate dismissal and open legal ramifications for anyone involved.  They have received numerous complaints about people claiming to sell new Saladmaster only to receive old product, not 316, and often a foreign made cheap knock-off that is nothing close to Saladmaster.  Also, there is no warranty or customer service support for such scams.  Although even these prices aren’t cheap, you get what you pay for.  We try to always inform guests that the ONLY way Saladmaster sells its products is through AUTHORIZED DEALERSHIPS.  You can’t even buy on-line at!




Buyers must be aware there are many fraudulent postings and auctions online listed as Saladmaster or New Saladmaster products and sets.  Some of these postings offer product for below the current retail price.  Most EBay merchants do not get into online auctions to lose money, so we began researching how this was possible. After much research on these, we have found that many of these listings are a result of one of the following:


They are selling used products - sometimes they will throw in a product that is not used and promote the auction as “NEW Saladmaster


They are promoting Saladmaster products, but shipping inferior imported products.  This has happened quite a bit.


They are not receiving products through legal, authorized regular channels.


As you can imagine, most EBay merchants are not in business just to help people get products for less than they paid for that product.  They are out to make money and anyone who has authorized, legal access to genuine, NEW, Saladmaster products would not be selling products for less than they pay.



The Saladmaster Lifetime warranty is a very valuable feature and not something to be taken lightly.  Upon a market research compiled by a third party resource, the lifetime warranty was one of the top 3 reasons people chose Saladmaster.  Many of the EBay merchants have begun to note that they are “not a Saladmaster dealer, so lifetime warranty is NOT included with your purchase.”  This should be your first clue that this might not be genuine Saladmaster products.


At Saladmaster, we take our relationship with our consumers very seriously and we hate to hear stories of people who have been tricked into buying products online only to find out there is no warranty or that their product isn’t even Saladmaster.  The investment in genuine Saladmaster goes beyond cookware.  Most Dealerships offer extra support, recipes and cooking schools in their area, that is all part of the Saladmaster experience.


Why shouldn’t I be tempted to buy a cheaper imitation of Saladmaster?

Again, you get what you pay for.  Only Saladmaster has all the benefits it offers.  Others have bits and pieces.  If you don’t get the full benefits, why waste any money buying anything else.  You may as well continue what you’re doing.  If an imitator appears to “save” you a few hundred dollars, but you have a substandard grade, company, warranty, or food quality, will you feel like you have truly saved money, or that you just spent a lot of money for an inferior product?  Cooking in Saladmaster saves people far more money than their set costs in a quick amount of time; so in the long run, you actually save with Saladmaster instead of just spending money on something else.


If the vapo-valve protects the nutrients from being destroyed due to excessive heat, am I at risk for things like salmonella?

Not at all!  While vitamins and minerals are destroyed above 200 degrees, these other things are killed at 160 degrees; this makes the 187 degrees of the vapo valve a perfect new best friend!  Don’t forget the added bonus of how it eliminates pot watching and stirring, spillovers, strong food odors, and reduces your cooking time by about half!


If another company says their 304 is just as good as 316, why shouldn’t I believe that?

One obvious fact that cannot be denied, the pot test revealed clearly that 316 didn’t react in the least with the water and baking soda, whereas the 304 released the mixture of chrome and nickel, as well as aluminum into the water.  Keep in mind that when others cannot offer 316 because they do not have 316, the last thing they want to do is admit there’s a difference that matters.  There are a number of other industries, which incur the higher cost of using 316 over 304 because it makes a significant difference in their field.  A few of those include nuclear labs for the safe storage of radioactive material, surgical instruments and implants for the safety of patients, pharmaceutical companies, NASA, marine vessels, etc.  316 steel would have to be at the bottom of the ocean for about 209 years before it would start to rust!  Metallurgists have demonstrated that 316 is 2000% stronger than competitors, and can withstand temperatures up to 2100 degrees!  Several food and drink industries use 316 … high end wineries, breweries, milk manufacturers, baby food manufacturers, meat plants, tomato-based food manufacturers, etc.


What contributes towards the price of Saladmaster?

Other retailers do not want to manufacture using 316 because it is an extremely hard, resistant material, making it extremely difficult to work with.  Since the grade is the highest in the industry, it is not a cheap product.  Many engineers have commented on their amazement of its use in our product due to the fact that they have first-hand knowledge of its tenacity.  One particular engineer commented that it was difficult to find a welder who could simply weld two pieces of 316 together.  Last, but not least, there are approximately 100 steps to manufacturing every last detail of Saladmaster so that it performs in every area it has been designed to accomplish.  The process is highly complex and undesirable for other retailers who only do a few steps because each step adds to the cost.


Why isn’t it priced much lower so that absolutely anyone can buy it?

Its price should not be the stumbling block; because the cost savings allows most people to recover the full set investment within 2-3 years, if not sooner, due to the nutrients resulting in grocery savings.  The bottom line is that those who do not invest and cook in Saladmaster are actually continuously paying out the cost of a large set of Saladmaster through their grocery spending EVERY 2-3 years, not to mention other expenses Saladmaster owners save on (health care, up to 86% energy cost, eating out, replacement costs, etc.).  This caliber of quality doesn’t come cheap.  The old cliché holds true here, “You get what you pay for.”  The same question could be asked of a doctor or medical supply person.  A 316 titanium knee cap was priced between $6,000 and $10,000!  Small 316 titanium screws are priced between $600 and $800!  Why do dentists charge so much?  Many times Saladmaster gets a regretful purchaser’s story of trying to “save money” by getting a cheaper “version” of our product.  Saladmaster has rejected offers to buy materials from other places around the world at a cheaper price, because they know about the lack of standards adhered to, and those companies have refused to guarantee that the quality would be that of U.S. and Swiss 316 steel.  Saladmaster has never been willing to cut cost and risk quality, and continue to enjoy an exclusive contract for the highest grade available for cookware.


If I buy Saladmaster second hand, or have some passed down to me, do I still get the Lifetime warranty?

No.  The warranty is for the original owners only, and has tremendous value.


How reliable is the lifetime warranty?

Extremely!  You will be amazed when you read testimonies on the website about replacement stories after 38 + years of cooking on Saladmaster!  Saladmaster is backed by Regalware, the largest manufacturer of kitchen products in North America.  Saladmaster has its own manufacturing plant and has a vested interest in its products and customers, unlike other cookware companies who hire other companies to make products overseas.  If these cookware companies decide to go out of business, they have no invested loss in a facility; they simply cancel their business from the other company.  Saladmaster has been a solid company since 1946, and highly esteemed as the talk of the cookware world by other cookware companies.  As a matter of fact, if there’s no manufacturer defect, and you have a house fire, Saladmaster’s warranty will allow the original owner to repurchase their damaged product at half-price!  With the modern computer age, new owners are registered by the company so that it’s easy to verify ownership and warranty rights.


Why are other companies allowed to sell product that releases metals into their food?

It’s not illegal to make something harmful.  It is unlawful to hide the dangers from consumers, which is what the non-stick industry did for 20 years.  Now that they have warning labels, they are legal; just like cigarette companies.  Other cookware companies have not purposed to make something that is harmful.  Often, it takes years and research technology to make the connection.  Saladmaster is unique in that they have a pro-health focus, not just turning out a product to heat food.  Ultimately, it’s up to the priorities of the consumer and their responsibility to become educated about the choices they make.


If I want to know more about Saladmaster, what would be a good source of information?

When researching, it’s best to avoid the cookware companies, because each company wants your business, and will say what they need to get it.  Other knock-offs, who try to compete with Saladmaster, will either say they are no different so you will think they’re the same; or they will try to say something negative about our price, to pull you over.  Let’s face it we all like to save money and feel like we got the best deal.  It’s interesting that when customers ask those companies to put in writing that they use 316, they refuse to do so.  So we recommend you do some research with objective sources that are not in the cookware business.  Verify the facts that we teach about, i.e., nutrients are indeed destroyed above 200 degrees through nutritional sources; metals are absorbed in moist heat environments into its surroundings; verify the physical problems metals contribute to in various health conditions by looking up harmful metal toxicity (aluminum, copper, chrome, nickel, etc.).  You can also verify that certain industries use only 316 (nuclear labs, surgeons, marine vessels, food manufacturers, oil/gas companies, pharmaceutical compounders, high-end wineries, etc.).  It is helpful to speak with those who actually own Saladmaster for a length of time to see how they have enjoyed the flavor, ease, health benefits, grocery savings, warranty service, customer service, weight issues, energy issues, time savings, etc.  Those who don’t have it don’t know firsthand about its practical application and are typically stuck with wanting to buy a cheaper product.  You may read testimonies on our website as well as for your convenience.  You will see that these owners had the same questions and concerns about making their investment, and what their results were.  We also recommend you verify that The Cancer Project only uses Saladmaster cookware at their cooking schools.  If you have our set sheets, the back of the large set sheet has a great start on such objective websites for your convenience.  If you would like one, we will be glad to E-mail it to you.


Since I don’t cook with baking soda, why should the pot test matter?

There are many reasons.  All foods react when heat is applied.  This is because of the minerals in your foods.  The problem is that, besides the fact that you are use to the flavors in your food because that’s all you’ve ever known, your food’s flavor and seasonings are covering up what pots and pans leach into the food.  We use the baking soda because it has sodium and is alkaline like so many of your daily foods cooked.  It is a familiar taste that makes it simple to identify what you are tasting.  An interesting fact is that if you take the same filtered water and baking soda and simply mix it cold in a glass and taste it, it tastes identical to the one cooked in Saladmaster.  We’ve actually had elderly guests comment on that very point.  So the important point not to miss is that 316 is completely non-reactive, whereas all the others are.  What’s more concerning, is whenever you cook acidic foods, such as tomatoes, the reaction is far more than that of the alkaline foods or baking soda!  Many owners have noticed the metallic taste in foods cooked in restaurants even though they are seasoned over for that very reason.  This is because they have grown accustomed to the purity of the flavor of food cooked in Saladmaster, much the same as you probably prefer the taste of clean filtered water over the taste of tap water laced with contaminants.



Why do people put baking soda in the fridge?  To help absorb odors, right?

If you put an uncovered glass of water in the fridge for a day or so, what does the water taste like?  It tastes like the surroundings, right?  So the baking soda helps to expose what is present.  Besides the retention of the nutrients, this is also why our food tastes so good; we don’t have to cover up those unpleasant flavors.  Yes, you can make food taste good with culinary tricks (butter, salt, sugar, lemon); but those flavors don’t eliminate the presence of those unwanted metals in your food, which ends up in your body, just as the benefits of the vegetables in our cake ended up in your body, although you couldn’t taste them.


Why don’t you just use plain water for the pot test?

That’s an interesting question.  Before answering that, you may want to know what Dr. H. A. McGuigan stated in his findings for the Federal Trade Commission on Docket Case No. 540, Washington D.C. ... ”Boiling water in aluminum produces hydro-oxide poison.”  That’s just water.  Aluminum cookware is used by restaurants, used in non-stick cookware, and is typically a part of the design of stainless steel in order to help conduct the heat; although some stainless uses copper for the same reason.  To answer the question, no one has a steady diet of water only!  And, as answered above, the reaction happens primarily as a direct result of the minerals and PH of the foods you cook in your pots and pans when heat is applied.  Each food reacts slightly differently, but they all react.  So yes, baking soda, like your food, helps to create that reaction for your awareness.


How do I know the metal taste actually affects my health?

The simple truth is that everyone reacts differently to contaminants because each person has a different constitution.  Therefore, no absolute claims can, or should be made, and we are careful not to do that.  However, as people become more informed and aware, it’s as much a result of medical advancement as well as common sense.  Eliminating any source of contaminants is ALWAYS beneficial.  Also, do not lose focus of the EXTREME VALUE of retaining 93% average nutrient content.  Only you can decide the value of preserving the purity of your food.  Whatever your conclusion is, you will not convince a Saladmaster owner who has achieved a noticeable relief when eating food cooked in Saladmaster 316 to include improvements with acid reflux, colitis, auto-immune reactions, upset stomachs, etc., not to mention the increased pleasure of improved food flavors bringing joy and health to families the world over.


But don’t we need iron and copper for our health?

Yes, we need trace MINERALS such as copper and iron; however, when those are in metal form, our bodies do not have the ability to digest and absorb them the way we can when it’s in a food form as a mineral.  Therefore, the body identifies it and reacts to it as a toxin.  We have had various doctors on a number of presentations who have a strong background in nutritional wellness who have expressed concern over people being told to get their iron by using iron skillets because of the difficulty of assimilation from that form.  We have also had such a doctor explain to the guests that when a patient wearing a copper band comes in for treatment, they must first detoxify that patient in order to remove the copper metals from their body; otherwise, any wellness treatment administered to them is negated and of no benefit whatsoever.


If I’m doing fine regarding my health, why should I invest in this aspect of my health?

First, health problems take time to develop, and even more time to manifest themselves.  Many of the more serious ones do not even manifest until it’s often too late.  You cannot always go by what you look like, or even feel like.  35% to 60% of all cancer is diet related, and cancer tumors are often found after they’ve been growing between 5 and 40 years!  Most heart attacks are the first sign someone had that they had a problem.  Also, this is not rocket science.  It’s common sense that nutrients are what makes us well.  The science is solid that foods prepared and cooked the way Saladmaster does it (not peeling, not diluted in water, cooked well below 200 degrees, reducing up to 95% of bad grease, fats and oils, eliminating air and light oxidation), results in keeping an average of 93% of the nutrients.  Other methods lose up to 80%.  Which way of cooking do you think will achieve optimum health goals…keeping 93% average nutrients, or keeping barely 20% nutrients?  Additionally, metals in the body can interfere with the immune system.  Research this, if you do not know this to be true.  If this is allowed to constantly enter the body, sooner or later, depending on what’s going on with your immune system, cells can reach a saturation point.  Each person reacts differently to invaders; but, nonetheless, they are a foreign matter, which can wear down the immune system.  Which do you think will give you optimum health…eliminating those metals from your food, or continuing to ingest them every day?  If you can prevent a problem from manifesting down the road, or stop a problem you haven’t been aware is tied to the quality of your food, that’s a great reason to invest.  What price tag can be put on anyone’s health?


How does Saladmaster save up to 86% energy cost?

We start on a lower temperature, and know when to turn it down at 187 degrees, which creates a semi-vacuum. This reduces the cooking time by about half at an extremely lower temperature.  Less heat in less than half the time adds up to BIG SAVINGS.  Additionally, it works efficiently like an oven, so you can save more cost by not using your oven, which is extremely expensive.  What’s not included in the 86% energy reduction is the drop in the AC cooling cost, and the bonus of a cooler comfortable kitchen to work in!


Since I’m not a person who cooks, how can I be sure this will be as easy as it looks?

Well, you fit the description of quite a few Saladmaster owners, who are now in love with cooking!  That’s encouraging to know!  A lot of people jump right into it without any learning curve; but everyone is different.  It really is as simple as Medium-Click-Low.


 What kind of support is available after I purchase if I have any questions or need help with anything?

Practically speaking, we are a company committed to providing ongoing customer service and support to ensure that our customers are getting full enjoyment and benefits from their investment.  Remember, we’re very proud of having the happiest and most satisfied customers in the world!  Referrals are the bulk of our business!  We do this in numerous ways.  We follow up a couple of times after you receive your cookware, by E-mail and phone calls, to go over any questions you may have about how to enjoy your new set.  We also have free recipe nights at our Open House in McKinney at Market Street’s gourmet kitchen.  You’re invited to attend as often as you can and want to, so that you can watch us cook several recipes and teach tips on cooking at home; plus you get to eat all the food afterwards!  We also are available for you to call any day, any time, with as many questions as you need, as often as you need.  We LOVE helping!  While it’s rarely needed, we are so committed to helping everyone, we would gladly come to your home to work with you on anything you need assistance with!  So you see, you can’t help but be able to enjoy using your Saladmaster!  It’s really up to you to take advantage of all we offer!


Do I have to completely change everything I know about cooking?

No, absolutely not!  Saladmaster still can be used like regular cookware; but the food will taste so much better and be purer for your bodies, because it doesn’t react and leach metals into the food!  Your familiar recipes will taste much better, especially noticeable on tomato base recipes, pastas, eggs, grits, oatmeal, etc.!!  So we recommend you use it the conventional way and slowly enjoy adding our style of cooking to your dinners.  That way you don’t feel overwhelmed by total change over, but can ease into transforming your own recipes over time.  We recommend you start out with our website Open House recipes, specifically the Frozen-to-Finish recipes.  They are so easy a 7 year old can do it…and did!!!


What about just eating raw food to avoid the metals?

It’s not too practical and rather monotonous!  You need both.  While we need raw foods to get the enzyme benefits from our foods, it’s become commonly known that certain foods release more benefits when cooked; but they must be cooked right in order to do that.  These foods include tomatoes, carrots (beta carotene is released more and absorbed more), onions, broccoli (doesn’t release vitamin C and certain cancer fighting properties unless cooked).

Also, of concern with raw food diets is the slight risk of bacteria.  Bacteria is destroyed at 160º; but minerals and vitamins are destroyed at above 200º.  The vapo-valve is calibrated to click at 187º, the perfect balance.  Additionally, raw food advocates such as Dr. Robert Young and David Wolfe, consider Saladmaster to be an excellent tool to properly warm food.


How will cooking my recipes, my old way, affect my food and health?

You won’t retain the nutrients as you do when you use the vapo valve, and you may end up with more salt, sugar, and fat to add flavor and make it cook right, which isn’t the healthiest.  But the flavor purity and lack of metals will be a big improvement, and, for some, can eliminate severe stomach pains because it doesn’t hurt the digestive system.


My grandparents lived to be 90 years old and didn’t cook this way, so why should I change?

We’re about maintaining nutrients and keeping out harmful metals.  Your grandparents ate better quality food; it was organic, had no pesticides, wasn’t processed, and had no preservatives. etc.  Today’s farming practices have had a dramatic reduction in the amount of nutrients present in today’s food, making it even more necessary to protect the nutrients there.  The lack of nutrients in the presence of metals has a much greater impact on health today.  Additionally, their lifestyles were far more active and industrious, which helped to keep their bodies better able to rid themselves of anything that was not of benefit to them.  So lifestyle plays a bigger role than genes do when it comes to health and disease.  Long life with disease (Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.) is not the ideal situation, but rather a long high quality life.


What about other pots and pans that have titanium?

First, remember it’s not just that we use titanium, but also that we use 316 grade of metal.  Also, if you look at pots and pans that use the term “titanium”, such as some of the nonstick cookware, they actually merely spray a layer of titanium oxide.  This is not the same as titanium metal.


What if other retailers used the exact same material?

Of great interest is the fact that if retailers were to use the exact same material, it wouldn’t work as it does in Saladmaster.  The food would stick, burn, and dry out.  That is because of the technology used in constructing Saladmaster is extremely detailed and unique, both in terms of its inner core thermal layer providing 360 degrees of uniform heating, as well as the complex multi-level manufacturing of the various aspects of the rim, the lid and valve.


If you have any more questions that have not been covered, we encourage you to either call or E-mail them to us.  We may even add them to help others with the same question.  We started out as a customer with these very questions, and value them just as you do.


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